New EYxGESAC study: Rebuilding Europe

The study reveals the figures behind the immense size of Europe’s creative economy, the full impact of COVID-19, and how culture should play a central role it helping to rebuild Europe.

Creative Europe presents Perform Europe

Covid-19 has disrupted international touring as we know it. Perform Europe will pilot new models for sustainable & inclusive cross-border distribution of Performing Arts, including digital tools.

Comic Art Europe | The Open Call

As nations struggle, in the midst of a global pandemic, Comic Art Europe calls for artists from all European countries including the UK, EEA countries, Serbia and Switzerland.

Free webinar series on the future of museums

Six international speakers took part in a series of pre-conference webinars organised in the runup to the biennial conference MUZE.X Shaping Museum Futures, which will take place in October 2021. The recordings are available to watch for free online.

CULTUURLOKET: Webinars for the Corona crisis

A lot of questions arise on the corona line of Cultuurloket. That is why Cultuurloket has decided to organize various webinars around the topics ‘measures for the self-employed’ and ‘temporary unemployment’.

EUNIC Cluster Fund 2020: Results published

In reaction to the current COVID-19 crisis and the impact it has had on culture worldwide, this year’s call had a special focus on support to local cultural and creative scenes.

DISCE P2P Recovery Programme (PRP)

The DISCE P2P Recovery Programme (hereinafter referred to as “PRP”) was initiated to support the European cultural and creative sectors in this time of unprecedented challenge due to COVID-19.

Policy Brief: CCIs engaging with Well-being and Health

This Policy Brief ‘Getting Better? CCIs Engaging with Well-being and Health: Building Inclusive Communities and Resilient Societies’ looks at the obstacles and opportunities and what actions or support measures are needed to facilitate increased cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation in this area.